Secure Patient Forms are fast, easy and HIPAA-compliant

HIPAA Compliant Forms Online

As a patient healthcare provider you must follow the rules of The Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the federal law known as HIPAA. HIPAA was instituted to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent. If you looking for a way to submit patient forms reliably, safely and confidentially through your website, Xsalta now offers Secure Patient Forms. Secure Patient Forms are fast, easy and HIPAA-compliant, and we can offer this service to your practice at a reduced price. 

With Secure Patient Forms, simply direct any new patient to your website where they click the form, fill it out online, and submit it directly to your office securely!

With Secure Patient Forms, Your Office Can:

Instead of your patients downloading PDFs to fill out and re-scan, your forms would look similar to this:

The submissions would be sent to you with the answers typed in on your existing patient forms. The system also collects things like digital signatures and images (for example, insurance cards), which would be on the submitted forms as well.

There are a couple costs associated with this, including a one-time $100 fee for setting up the HIPAA-compliant dashboard and storage, and an ongoing monthly fee dependent on how many submissions you get through the system. Every discrete form is a submission, so someone completing either a 1-page standalone form or a 15-page packet would each count as just one submission.

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