Stay on Top with an Effective Healthcare SEO Marketing Plan.

SEO Management

Professional Search Engine Optimization services enable your mental health website to be found easily in search results pertaining to your local market. We continuously monitor and update our digital marketing strategies in order to keep your TMS therapy website as close to number one as possible. While it is true that you could conduct your own SEO, we have years of proven experience and success that facilitates visibility.



Search engines rank your TMS Therapy website based on a number of criteria that indicate the relevancy of your website for the search phrase that a person types in. Xsalta provides consistent monitoring and pro-active targeting of these specific criteria for the search engines.

Our strategies consistently influence your search rankings by regularly making necessary modifications to your TMS therapy website in order to enhance your website’s authority and relevancy.

How Does SEO help your TMS website?

Before utilizing our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service, The St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston was not ranking in the top 100 for TMS related keywords in Google searches.

We made smart SEO updates to the website that involved page title changes, keyword-rich content development and more to give the TMS website an SEO Boost. In six months the St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston began ranking on page one for all the targeted TMS related keywords.

While it is difficult to predict how long it will take for a site to shoot up to page one for targeted keywords, we strive to get some upward movement in rankings in six months.

As rankings improved, The St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston began enjoying the benefits of more inquiries and more TMS appointments.


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